Is mastering important?

The only reason that commercial cds are as ‘loud’ as they are is because they have been processed in the mastering studio using specialized monitoring and manipulation equipment attaining high overall levels without distortion or other undesirable effects. It is important to understand that Mastering is not something to be taken lightly. It is not simply a case of “push that button here and this button there and it’ll sound great”, it is a subjective and creative process that makes a good recording sound great.

What we need from you:

We need your audio that is to be mastered on CD or DVD either as audio or data – we prefer to work with WAV files or AIFF files. They can be interleaved or split stereo files. If you can provide sperations/stems that makes it even better. If you have any other format that you are not sure about please contact us or look here. We can also take ¼ inch tapes, vinyl 45 or 78prm, cassette and minidisc.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss your requirements.