Online Mastering

Online mastering – by a human! Care, attention to detail and your preferences taken in to account, is given to your music and is charged at £40 for the first track and then £30 for every additional track thereafter (for one album or project). For extra edits like Instrumentals, PA versions etc there is a £5 charge for each edit.

In order for you to approve the mastering you will be sent high quality MP3(s) to listen to. If you think that, for example, there could be more bass or it could be a bit louder etc. The necessary changes will be made and a new MP3 will be sent. Once you are satisfied with the sound, the mastered audio can be uploaded again to you as individual wave files, an image file that you can burn direct to cd or we can send you a physical master and listening copy by post (extra charges may apply).

If you are interested in getting the on line process started please get in touch.

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