Most questions I get are asked about mastering can be answered by the F.A.Q. listed below. Simply click on the question and the answer will appear. If you still have questions please get in touch using contact page.

£40 for the first track then £30 for subsequent tracks. Click Here for a quick calculation.

Currently the mastering suite is based around a digital audio work station running Steinberg’s Wavelab using various dedicated mastering plugins. The monitoring is done through a pair of PMC monitors and a Prism Sound audio device.

Please upload uncompressed Wave or Aiff files consistent with the project sample rate. Please ask if you are not sure. NO MP3’s!!!!

Audio that has been desampled (MP3’d) or over compressed/limited. This is highly undesirable as the algorithms used reduce file size, take things away from the music that cannot be restored by mastering. Over compression or limiting of the audio is often due to using a mastering software plugin. This can leave me with no headroom to work with and can severely hamper any efforts to work with your music.

Although mastering should be seen as adding the final touch, rather than a fixing process, we are able to use our specialised equipment and experience to bring even the worst recordings up to the highest quality possible.

Assuming all is well with the audio, I try and get proof tracks sent to you within a day or two of receiving the audio….If there are technical issues that need to be addressed first that will then take longer. Audio received on a Friday – I will do my best to get them out by the end of the day, but if I am not able to then Monday will have to do!

The simplest thing would be to use something like wetransfer etc.

No, I have mastered (pretty much) every type of music though it’s always a good idea to supply so that I can hear what kind of sound you would like to achieve.

It depends on whether the studio has a dedicated mastering suite which is separate from the control room where the tracks were mixed down. If not, then it’s better to go to a dedicated mastering studio as it gives you a chance to check whether you have missed any potential problems that weren’t apparent during mix down.

That depends on how much that affects the mix, if there is enough head-room and the dynamic range isn’t affected too much then it could be ok. But I might ask for mixes without the limiter as well.

You can…. of course – but to get the best out of your music, get it mastered properly by an experienced engineer….the results will be far superior!